Scars (2020), Alex Anna - TIFF 2020 Official Selection
"Her body is a canvas and her scars stand as testament to a part of her life. Blending documentary and animation, Alex Anna’s courageous, distinctive, and poetic reflection of her mental health struggle brings to light a new story of self-harm that is both impactful and intensely intimate."

This film has a special meaning to me. The challenge was to bring poetry through animation to enlighten the topic of self-harm that can be frightening or confusing for some.

Scars premiered September 15, 2020 at Toronto International Film Festival.
Director : Alex Anna
DoP: Marilee Goulet
Editing: Valérie Tremblay
Animation : Clément Natiez
Music: Victor Novak
Production: La 115e
“Using only her body against a white background, with a microscope set against her skin, animations swirl across her body, tracing a kind of painful topography and plotting the lines of who Alex was and charting a course for who she is now.“
“Delicate and unafraid, this film is a door being cracked open, an invitation to walk through a dark place with someone and to allow someone to walk through your dark places with you.“ 
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